Sequential Turn Signals
Why should you choose the DPP- WebElectric Products Pre-wired Harnesses for your Mustang?  Compare features and you will see that our product is superior to all others:


redball3 Industry standard sockets
Our sockets conform to USCAR 15-2 "Specification for Automotive Light Bulb Sockets".  See the two metal clips inside the lamp socket?  They hold the lamp firmly in place.  The sockets on the competitor's harnesses don't have them.  And we use a real label to mark the sockets.

    industry standard socket

redball2 Proper grommet
The grommet is specifically designed for this application.  Just like on the OEM harnesses, it is fused onto the wires to keep water out of your trunk and off the electronics.  It is not a slip-fit piece like the ones used by other companies.

    correct grommet

redball1 Cable retainer
Sounds simple, but other manufacturers don't include this small but important feature.  The cable retainer holds the harness in place.  This guarantees proper positioning of the harness, and keeps it from rattling/rubbing against the car body.

    harness retainer

redball OEM connector
And of course, the original equipment connector is used for quick and accurate "Plug-N-Play" installation.  No splicing or other harness modifications are required.

    original equipment connector



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