Sequential Turn Signal Harness for 1999-2004 Mustang - Plug and Play

Our Price: $139.95


Sequential Turn Signal Harness for 1996-1998 Mustang - Plug and Play

Our Price: $139.95




Sequential Turn Signals


2005-2009 Mustang owners who want to upgrade their turn signals to the 2010 and up Mustang can now purchase this "plug and play" harness that will make your Mustang look like a Shelby from behind.

 Fully Pre-Wired Harnesses for your
 2005 through 2009 Mustang

 Smart-Sequence Technology

 Self-Adjusting Electronics assures
 Perfect Sequencing Action!


The DPP-Web Electric Sequential Harnesses have been specifically designed to work in your 2005 through 2009 Mustang.  These harnesses are made with the proper grommet, connector and clips, so you know the fit will be perfect!  

With Smart-Sequence technology, your tail lights sequence ONLY when a signal is on.  When you hit the brakes, all lamps come on at once -- JUST LIKE THE 2010 MUSTANG!  

All Pre-wired Harnesses feature sophisticated electronics that automatically adjust the sequencing speed to match the turn signal flasher in your car.  While other products offer you fixed timing or complicated manual adjustments, our electronics sense your car's flasher speed and adjust the 1-2-3 sequence timing for you.

Don't waste your money on cheap imitations.  Buy the best!  And remember, our products include a Lifetime Warranty and FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING!

Click here for more details on our harnesses. If we don't believe in the product, we won't put it on our car.


Price includes shipping! Our Price: $139.00



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